Sunday, May 20, 2012

                                                         14th May 2012 7 pm - 9 pm

                                                                116 NEIL ROAD

                                            Our Food Tasting Bloggers' Group Photo

        I had a good time at a food tasting dinner at Tang Hong Kong Gourmet on 14th of May

                                                DISH 1 -  Tang Authentic HK Roast Duck

The first dish to reach ourt stomach was the Tang Authentic HK Roast Duck. What I love about this dish is that the duck skin is very well marinated, very fragrance and duck is very TENDER, JUICY AND TASTY! Die die must try VERY NICE!

                                                       DISH 2 - Coconut Milk Prawns

I love the butter taste of the prawn. It is so nicely marinated with the coconut milk that it made me wanted to go for the second try!

                                                  DISH 3 - VINEGAR PIG TROTTER

The Pig Trotter is tender and soft, but the taste is slightly a tad sour to our taste bud maybe due to the vinegar. Chef Benson, We like the traditional one which is sweeter and have a thick gravy. So we recommend that perhaps is good for you to have two versions, one is the traditional sweet and one is the sour one with vinegar.

                                                       Tang Sweet & Spicy Fish Head

This dish is a must try! Why? Because this dish is only at $16.90 and also the fish is fresh and meat is very soft and taste so good with the sour tangy gravy!!!

                                                                  Fried Calamari!


                                                          Spicy Deep Fry White Bait!

                                                     Double Boil White Fungi with Papaya

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