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NUFFNANG 3D2N Genting trip!

Be part of a FREE 3D2N Genting trip!

Date of travel: 25th to 27th August 2012

Cost: FREE excluding personal expenses (no additional guests allowed)

-          A free and easy 3D2N trip to Resort World Genting, Malaysia
-          Accomodation
-          Two-way coach
-          Meal vouchers to cover all meals (Covers 2 breakfast, 2 lunch and 2 dinner)
-          Entrance fees provided for ALL activities listed within Genting website and iHoliday (Attractions out of these area are NOT covered)

I chanced upon the golden opportunity to be part of a group of 16 bloggers to be selected for the 2nd Genting Trip organised by Nuffnang today while I was checking my emails.I am excited about going to Genting because I have not visited Genting for more than 10 years and I am looking forward to explore the changes and also to have fun there~! In order to be selected, I shall do the best for blogging my itinerary for the Genting trip.

     What Would be My Ideal Itinerary In Genting For My 3 Days 2 Night Trip?

Day 1

  • Travel with fellow bloggers via a coach to Genting - Say hi to everyone , chit-chat
          and make new friends!

  •  Upon Arrival , After Checking in to our hotels, I would love to try the buffet in Coffee Terrace because they serve Asian and Western buffet!

          Coffee Terrace - has 6 signature kitchens : Nonya Baba, Local, Western, Chinese, Western, Japanese and Western Asian, serving both local delicacies and international cuisine, and the option of dining indoors or alfresco-style at the outdoor terrace, patrons are spoiled for choice at Coffee Terrace with its wide spread of mouth-watering selections..

Coffee Terrace is one of the most spacious dining outlet at the resort. Featuring four sections - Private Room, Lanai Bar, Nyonya Baba Corner and Alfresco Terrace, the premise can accommodate up to 600 diners at any one time.

Private Room
A spacious setting offering complete privacy, the Private Room seats 90 comfortably.

Lanai Bar
Order a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice or a cocktail from our well-stocked bar.

Nyonya Baba
The Peranakan corner of Coffee Terrace pays tribute to this heritage through a display of eloborate Nyonyaware crafts.

Alfresco Terrace
Head out to the alfresco terrace for a refreshing new experience in outdoor dining. The cool mountain air serves as a delightful contrast to your piping hot meal.

All prices are subject to prevailing government tax and service charge.
All listed pricing are subject to change without prior notice.

Breakfast: 5.30am - 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00 noon - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.00pm - 9.30pm

3.00pm - 5.00pm
10.30pm - 5.30am

  • Have a thrill rides with the pirate ship , the flying coaster, try the spaceshot and the GRAND PRIX FUN KART in the Outdoor Theme Park!



    Live out a true high seas adventure aboard the rocking and rolling Pirate Ship!


           Speed demons get the chance to test their reflexes and driving skills
           amidst the cool mountain air.

Enjoy the cool mountain air along the 800 meters of track length!


    Dinner at Genting Palace Restaurant - Cantonese cuisine     


The majestic Genting Palace Restaurant serves exquisite Cantonese Cuisine with an ambience to match. The main dining hall projects the grandeur of a palatial setting complemented by modern Chinese interior design. With a seating capacity of 700 people including 10 private dining rooms, the restaurant is the ideal venue for company functions, cozy private dinners and gatherings for family and friends.
It opens daily for lunch and dinner. Dim Sum is available for lunch daily, and for breakfast on Sundays and selected public holidays.
Signature Dishes
  • Pickled Mustard Plant Pork Knuckle
  • Fried Saint Louis Cut Ribs with Fragrant Garlic
  • Traditional Braised Pork Spare Rib Cutlet
  • Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig
Dim Sum
  • Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew
  • Chee Cheong Fun with Prawns
  • Chee Cheong Fun with Scallop
  • Porridge Of The Day
  • Baked Egg Tart
  • Baked Char Siew Puff
  • Deep-fried Yam Puff (Wu Kok)
  • Fried Carrot Cake
  • Pan-fried Carrot Cake
  • Steamed Char Siew Pau
  • Steamed Siew Mai Dumpling
  • Steamed Prawn Dumpling
  • Steamed Chicken Feet
  • Steamed Fish Ball
  • Steamed Loh Mai Kai
  • Steamed Golden Sand Bun
  • Pork & Prawns Dumpling with Spicy Sauce
  • Seafood Roll with Bamboo Fungus
  • Steamed Bean Curd Skin Roll
  • Deep-fried Cheese Roll
  • Deep-fried Prawn Dumpling
  • Pan-fried Shanghai Dumpling
  • Deep-fried Crispy Shrimp Wantan
  • Deep-fried Sesame Ball
  • Deep-fried Yam Vegetables Spring Roll
  • Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce
Vegetarian Delights:
Daily Lunch & Dinner
  • Braised Vegetarian Bean Curd Roll
  • Home Made Stewed Vegetables with Glass Vermicelli in Clay Pot
  • Stir-fried Assorted Mushrooms & Vegetables with Macadamia Nuts & Sliced Yam
  • Sautéed Vegetarian Meat with Dried Chilli and Cashew Nuts

Morning (Breakfast)

                       Hou Mei Noodle Restaurant ( Level 2, First World Plaza)

The latest in contemporary Asian cuisine, the Hou Mei Restaurant beckons with its warm wooden furnishings and dainty Chinese lanterns. Savour our enticing variety of Asian Cuisine all in one place.

Taste its signature dishes, the famous Kai See Hor Fun Soup and piping hot Curry Noodles specially prepared by our skilled chefs. Let's also not forget the array of Hot and Cold Gourmet Coffees such as Cappuccino, Café Mocha, Iced Latte and Iced Coffee on offer that are guaranteed to quench your thirst.

Another unique concept that is available only at Hou Mei is the Take-Away Counter that specifically caters to “people on the go” who need a quick bite at a very affordable price.
Not to be missed is also another specialty item available only at Hou Mei: the famous Roti John that originates from Malacca; comprising of sliced long bread that is dipped in egg gravy and infused with spices, then toasted to perfection.

Without a doubt, Hou Mei has indeed made its mark at First World Hotel as the undeniable pinnacle of good taste and great food!Signature Dishes

Kai See Hor Fun Soup
Wan Tan Noodles
Hou Mei Special Noodles
Assam Laksa
Curry Noodles
Chicken Porridge with Century Egg
Deep-fried Wan Tan
Braised Mushrooms & Chicken Feet Dried Noodles (11.00am onwards)

Morning after Breakfast

Visit the First World Indoor Theme Park

  • Experience SkyVenture (Similar to Our ifly in Sentosa
  • Bowling, Thrill Rides EuroExpress and the 4DMotion in the Indoor Theme Park


    You will relish the thrills and spills as you take a joyride on Genting's first indoor roller coaster


    Immerse yourself in Malaysia's first ever 4D movie experience that is revolutionizing the world of entertainment!

    Experience the adventurous journey with The Little Prince and the spine-tingling Haunted Mine! The theater hall can accommodate up to 48 persons.

    Evening (Dinner)

    Restoran Kampong ● First Floor, Resort Hotel

    Treat your taste buds to a mix of delectable Malay, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine at this buffet restaurant that is so authentically Malay in its interior décor.

    Some highlights of the buffet include the ever popular beef or chicken rendang, mee bandung and ikan masak asam pedas. The restaurant also offers Indian vegetarian food to ensure that the needs of vegans are catered to. You can be assured of an unforgettable dining experience that is completed with a good selection of kuih-muih (local cakes), as well as other desserts such as bubur kacang (bean broth) and pengat pisang (banana broth).



    GENTING BOWL @ First World Plaza, Level T2B!
    Want to have some fun? Need an adrenaline rush? Looking for non-stop thrills? Then get ready to enter a whole new world of pulse-pounding, mind-blowing, heart thumping excitement with Genting Bowl! The 28-lane Genting Bowl bowling centre at First World Plaza is now open for you and your family or friends to enjoy a game of bowling!

    And if all these aren't enough, you can join in the various events and competitions that we organize all year round! And whatever you do, our fantastic on-going promotions will make sure you get the best value for your money.

    Glow in The Dark Bowling

    Feel the excitement of bowling while we crank-up the music and our special lights for Glow in The Dark Bowling! Ramp up your game to the next level and come enjoy some adrenaline-pumping neon action today!

    Operation Hours:
    Daily from 6.00pm until closing



    Located 6,000 feet above sea level, Casino de GENTING is the perfect place to be when it comes to sophisticated gaming and excitement.

    Malaysia’s one and only gaming venue, the Casino de GENTING is open everyday of the year. Divided into a variety of themed sections, the Casino de GENTING offers something for everyone, be it the lights and glitter of Hollywood or the excitement and luxury of elite gaming at the Monte Carlo. Other notable sections in the casino include the hip and trendy @Latte lounges for the young at heart and the exclusive International and VIP Room – the place to be for high stakes gaming exclusively for selected Genting Rewards Card members and invited guests.
                             Casino de GENTING offered thirty tables with games like Blackjack,
                             Tai Sai, Roulette and French Boule, as well as a selection of “one-
                             armed-bandits” – the characteristic lever-powered slot machines that
                              we all know and love.

    Day 3

    Morning -  Breakfast

    The Bakery ● Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting

    Take a bite from our oven fresh pastries, cakes and sandwiches, made using traditional recipes and baked to perfection! The Genting Chicken Pie has made a name for itself, so much so that some visitors have been known to order it in bulk whenever they are at Genting. Ingredients for the pie include minced chicken meat, green peas and carrots cut into cubes. If sandwiches are more your cup of tea, you'll be spoilt for choice deciding between white bread, hard rolls, panini, foccacia, croissant, and many others. Most popular is the buttery croissant - so moist and fluffy it literally melts in your mouth! Lastly, do not miss the chance to try our specially brewed Colombian black coffee.
    Signature Dishes
    Genting Chicken Pie
    Outlet Special (Day Menu only)
    Hot Chocolate

    After BREAKFAST -   Leave Genting for Singapore! (HOME SWEET HOME!)


                So We Encourage You To Book Your Holiday to Genting With Genting's iHoliday
    Booking Engine For A Convenient One-Stop Solution!

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