Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Good Thursday!

Hi Everybody!

My Motto for everyone today is Do not Procastinate, Just do!

I will finish up editing my financial statement today. Today I received a very wonderful sweet surprise from SAF. In the letter they said SAF is awarding me a NATIONAL SERVICE REGONITION AWARD (NSRA) as I have attained 2 of the 3 milestones, namely: the Completion of Full time NS and the mid-point of Operationally Ready NS (ORNS). In the letter it said: We are pleased to inform you that you are eligible for the 2nd milestone of the NSRA. The quantum of $3000 will be deposited into your CPF account within the next 4 weeks. We look forward to your continued contributions towards National Service. But Why is it to CPF and not give to us by cash? :)

For more information about the NSRA Award, check out:

I will finish up reading Rick Warren's book and do my Biz Plan to submit to Ideasinc before 31 of March, 2014.

Please have a good day everybody! Cheers! :)

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